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What is Chiropractic Manipulation

In 1895 a janitor named Harvey Lillard informed his doctor, D.D. Palmer, that he had been unable to hear for approximately 17 years. During his examination, Dr. Palmer discovered a "bump" or misalignment in his patient's spine.  Using his hands he was able to move the vertebrae in such a way as to correct the misalignment. What resulted greatly surprised both doctor and patient as Mr. Lillard's hearing was gradually restored over the next few days.

In 1896, D.D. Palmer asked one of his patients, Reverend Samuel Weed, a language scholar, to name his new drug free, non-surgical approach to health care. He chose "chiropractic" which was formed from the Greek words "cheir" and "praktikos", which mean "hand" and "efficient" respectively.

Chiropractic is founded on the principle that health comes from within and is determined, in general, by the condition of the nervous system. With a properly aligned spine, nerve interference is reduced and the body is better able to heal itself. Subluxations (Latin for misalignment) are misaligned vertebrae that can press against spinal nerves and alter the flow of messages sent by the brain to the nerve endings throughout the body.

Correcting subluxations is the basis of chiropractic care, and an adjustment is when a doctor of chiropractic uses his or her hands to gently reposition misaligned vertebrae to restore joint mobility and function.

Doctors of chiropractic treat injuries without drugs or surgery by helping to restore normal motion, heal injured tissues, and rehabilitate muscles and joints.

Chiropractic and acupuncture complement each other. Chiropractic manipulation removes blockages to the main channels of energy via the nervous system. Acupuncture regulates and balances the flow of this energy. Used together they are more effective than either one used by themselves.


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